Complete and automated ad quality testing

Publisher, ad network, trading desk or agency? We've got you covered.

Bulk uploading

Upload Excel sheets, images, video files, zip files, HTML5 zip files etc. No copy pasting needed. It's super simple.

Email + Advalidation

Forward email with supported files attached to Advalidation As soon as we receive your email we start our testing process and email a report right back to you.

Fast turnaround

Most tests are finished within 30-60 seconds.

Pass/fail reports

After testing the ads an IAB or publisher defined ad specification is overlayed to highlight any issues.

Completely Customizable

Have specific ad units, file size requirements or list of certified third party vendors? Advalidation is completely customizable to your needs.

Desktop, tablet and mobile tests

We are always adding new tests. Let us know if you are missing anything.

Creative type

Image, HTML5, image third-party tag, HTML5 third party-tag.


Creative dimensions in pixels.


Expansion of creative.

HTTPS/SSL compliance

Creatives are tested in an HTTPS environment to detect and report mixed content.

Third party initial load

Initial load in kb for all third party tags. **

Third party polite load

Heavy assets have to wait until the page and all its assets have loaded (triggered by the onload event). **

Third party host-initiated subload

New definition of polite load. Heavy assets only have to wait for the HTML of the page to load (the so called DOMContentLoaded event). plus one second. **

Exclude shared libraries

Assets assumed to be cached by users can be excluded from file sizes.

Number of file requests made

Lists number of file requests. Important for fast load times.

Connection screening

Detects all calls made and cookies set by the creative and runs them against a list of trusted/certified platforms. Including verification pixels, tracking pixels, survey vendors etc.

Click tracking implementation

Inserts click macro and verifies functional click tracking by performing click on the creative.

Landing page verification

Verify functional landing page.

Flash cookies/local storage objects

Warns for creatives setting these cookies.

CPU usage

Peak, average, sustained and average CPU benchmark.


Detect non user initiated and mouse over audio detection.

Visual start time

Time from first call to rendered creative. Important to ensure high viewability.

Animation length

Detects creatives that animate or loop past your set limit.

Border detection

Triggers warning for creatives that have no or low contrast border.

Video tests

We are always adding new tests. Let us know if you are missing anything.


Specific resolutions or accepted aspect ratios.


One or multiple min/max intervals.

Bit rate

Total bitrate, audio bitrate, video bitrate as absolute values or intervals.

Frame rate

Exact frame rate to two decimals or accepted range.

File size

The file size of pre-encoded hosted video files.

Video file format

Allowed file formats (MP4, MOV, FLV etc.).

Video codec

Allowed video encodings (H264, VP8, WMV8 etc).

Video scan type

Interlaced or progressive.

Audio codec

Allowed audio encodings (MP3, AAC, PCM).

Audio volume

No audio, allowed deviation from -23 LUFS and peak audio level.

Audio sample rate

Verification of sample rate; 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz.


Media files referenced in VAST files are downloaded and tested for the parameters above.

VAST – Media files

Media files are checked against a set of required media files based on type, resolution and bitrate.

VAST – Discrepancies

Discrepancies between values declared in the VAST file and actual properties of the referenced files are detected.

VAST – Properties

Check VAST version, skip event etc.

VAST – XML syntax

Validate the XML syntax of VAST against the IAB XSDs.

VAST – API framework (VPAID) properties

Check for flash or javascript based VPAID creatives.

VAST – Connection screening.

All calls including tracking calls are tested for compliance with certified vendors list.

* Advalidation detects and test individual tags in most tag sheets including Doubleclick, Adsafe integral ad science, Doubleverify. If the automatic tag detection does not work you can always paste your tags.

** Advalidation supports multiple definitions of polite load including the new IAB definition (DOMContentLoaded + 1 second). The IAB HTML5 guidelines are available here

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