Test and launch campaigns faster

Speed up your team with smart, automated and continuous ad quality testing.  Because you only generate revenue when campaigns deliver and contracts are fulfilled. 

For video ads

Ensure that video ads are following your specific rules and industry best practices.

For display ads

Test mobile and desktop ads for privacy-compliance, load time, file size, and much more.

40+ automated tests

Whether you want to stay on top of privacy issues, prevent slow load times, or stop loud video ads, we have got you covered.

Speed up your team

Advalidation is faster and more extensive than manual testing. Bulk upload Excel sheets, VAST tags, images, video files, ZIP files, and receive a report back within minutes.  No copy pasting needed. 

Automate your testing

Don't get blindsided by mid-campaign creative updates. Be proactive with alerts on creative swaps, added tracking pixels, load time, and other issues. 

Advalidation will even display a timeline of creative changes and remind your team of current issues until they are fixed or approved.

Spotting issues before campaigns start lets you avoid delays, mid-campaign troubleshooting, and make goods. With automated ad-testing, you can start getting back to stakeholders within minutes.

Learn how you can benefit from using Advalidation