Identify and stop bad ads

Ensure desktop, mobile and video ads are fast, secure and non-invasive

Effective and cost saving ad quality control

Prevent delays

Avoid costly delays and under-delivery due to issues that could have been surfaced much earlier. Eliminate the need for endless back and forth email threads about creative issues.

Save time

Bulk upload images, video files, ZIP files or Excel sheets with one or hundreds of ads. No copy pasting needed. Our automated testing is more extensive and 8X - 10X faster then a manual testing process.

Share insights

A detailed report lets you know exactly what needs to be fixed. The report is easily shared with stakeholders without an Advalidation account. Ad ops, IT, sales and your customers will love it!

For a faster cleaner ad experience

The free, ad supported internet is pretty great but let’s be honest - not all ads are.

Advalidation verifies load time, number of file requests, initial load and subsequent load to give you a heads up on ads that slow down page load, use excessive bandwidth and cause other issues for your visitors.

Manage data collection and privacy concerns

Advalidation expose cookies and pixels fired by third-parties exposing potential sources of data-leakage and privacy violations. Overlay your own or our list of trusted vendors to prevent non trusted parties from accessing your visitors and your data.

Increase campaign performance

Load times impact viewability metrics. Advalidation identifies ads that risk poor viewability prior to campaign start so that they can be improved or expectations can be managed.

Ads that use less resources increase page performance, leading to higher user satisfaction, lower page abandonment, more engagement and increased opportunities for ads to yield higher conversions and click through rates.

Prevent ad blocking

Slow page load, usage of mobile data allowance and privacy concerns are just some of ad quality issues that lead to ad blocking.

That’s why a fast, clean browsing experience where ads are not degrading the user experience is a key component to every ad blocking strategy.

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