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Ad quality testing for desktop, mobile and video ads

Automatically test ads for compliance with ad specs and industry standards

Ad quality matters

Ensure display, tablet, mobile and video ads are not negatively impacting site performance, user experience and KPI's like viewability and CTR.

We run all your creatives through our extensive testing process. When the test is finished you get a comprehensive and shareable report telling you how the creatives did compared to your ad specification.

It's super simple

You receive the ads

Testing each one for CPU usage, cookies, pixels, audio, file size, click through etc. is an important but time consuming task.

Submit them for testing

Our servers will test all creatives. We support most file types and tags including Excel sheets via email, our web app or API.

Get the report

When the creatives have been tested you get a tidy report telling you how they did compared to your ad spec. Simple right?

Works with your current technology

We validate most third party tags including Doubleclick, Sizmek, Atlas, Celtra, Mediaplex, Adform, Pointroll, Adtech, Appnexus the same way we validate an HTML5 zip or an image file.

If your favourite third party vendor is not supported (it probably is) we'll add it in a matter of days.

Protect your users and your data

Bad ads impact the user experience. That's why we test for high load time, initial load, subload, CPU usage, file requests, file size, polite load, non user initiated audio and much more.

Concerned about data leakage and privacy compliance? We detect and report all tracking pixels fired and cookies being set by third parties.

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